A Saturday Date

Yesterday afternoon I met some friends in London to see Singing in the Rain. It was tremendous! I felt like I was seeing an old-fashioned show. The singing, the acting, the dancing, was all wonderful. We all left floating out of the theater. I could have gone right back in and seen it again.

Mr. Michie picked me up after my little afternoon soiree and whisked me off to a dinner date at one of our favorite hangouts: The Diner.

We feasted on burgers and fries and I got to drink root beer, which is a true treat as I only get root beer when I am there!

It was the perfect Saturday to start our 1/2 term break off with. This week, I plan to read, sew, redo/re-organize the pantry, just be with Mr. Michie, go to the movies, enjoy long walks in the fresh air, not wake up to an alarm. It will just be Heaven!

One thought on “A Saturday Date

  1. Anonymous

    And now that I know how your week DID turn out, I know it WAS Heaven!!!!!!!

    Blessings and LOVE to you both!

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