The Day After Valentine’s

We had such a lovely Valentine’s Day Evening. I finished up dessert when we got in from work and Mr. Michie started getting his dinner ingredients ready.

I had made a chocolate cream pie for dessert. My poor beaters made it just till the cream was perfectly whipped and then sputtered, coughed and died. So I will be getting new beaters over our half term break, which is next week.

One, day I shall have a KitchenAid Mixer when we have more space, but for now, beaters it is. KitchenAid mixers are just kitchen dreams right now and you should always have something to dream about!

Mr. Michie made the most delicious garlic butter infused roasted chicken on a bed of roasted red peppers and pasta with homemade pesto. It was heaven!

My cream pie was extremely tasty, the perfect chocolate to cream balance, but unfortunately my crust did not cooperate, so it didn’t slice very pretty, but it tasted delicious-e-oso! It just didn’t do justice to Mr. Michie’s fancy Valentine’s plate presentation.


I am so happy that today is Friday, that it marks the beginning of the weekend and the beginning of our 1/2 term break!

{The recipe I used was from the King Arthur Flour Company – it is definitely worth trying, it tasted like a truly old-fashioned diner kinda pie – however, I did make my whipped cream as I normally do and I used store bought pastry, so I didn’t follow their directions to the letter}