Jennifer Michie 2014

I am an Art Historian, Artist & Writer living with my adorable husband in London. I grew up on a farm in the American South, surrounded by peach fields. My grandmothers, mother, aunts and sister are all highly creative women and they have instilled that passion and flair in me. We are Renaissance Women, there is nothing that we can’t do.

I always knew I would one day live in London, I could just feel it in my bones. I studied Art History, Historic Preservation and Arts Management while in college and met my husband during my sophomore year. My little red-headed Robin Hood was an exchange student from Nottingham. It was love at first sight!

After many years of long distance dating we were finally in the same country when I moved to London to obtain a Master’s degree in Art History. We married when I finished and have been living in our little cottage with the racing green colored door ever since.

My parents gave me strong roots, but they also gave me very big wings. I spread them to take this adventure. I packed up my belongings and left everyone I knew to move here, it has been a roller coaster at times, but I would rather be on that then the merry-go-round.

Having always been a writer at heart, I started this blog as a creative outlet for myself; to let my friends and family take a peek into my world and to record my day to day ramblings. My space has continued to evolve and grow over time and I feel I have finally reached a design and place that I am happy with, is a spot to call my own.

About my photography: I shoot with a Nikon D5000

My other projects:

365 day project: In the Art Cupboard