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The Weekend

Phillis Jean Porter itsbetterthanbad

We’re riding into this weekend today and heading straight for the sunset. It has been such a busy busy week! Last night I went with a colleague to see our school’s production of Les Miserables, it was like a mini broadway show! We had worked on painting the floors in a cobblestone design, it looked pretty effective from our seats, so I was very pleased.

The Boy’s School particpated and the boy who was Jean Valjean brought tears to my eyes. When he sang, “Bring Him Home”, I was gobsmacked. It was truly emotional. He could have been a proffessional singer doing this. The emotion to his voice was awing. All the students did tremendously well, they have worked so hard and this was their fourth night of performing in a row and the energy was still incredible!

So that was a nice way to almost wrap up the week. This weekend, we have errands to run, cleaning to do, Christmas decorations to start getting out and we are celebrating Thanksgiving, so I have a pumpkin pie to make!

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Hats Off to the Weekend!

hats 1945 its better than bad flickr

We made it! The weekend is here. There will be housework and paper writing and book reading and laundry and dinners by candlelight and it will all be ours! Our own time. The very thought of that makes me smile!

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P.S. I saw this last night:

I have known of the gorgeous Heather Headley, but never had the opportunity to see her in person. I was blown away. She is a powerhouse. What a voice!

A Saturday Date

Yesterday afternoon I met some friends in London to see Singing in the Rain. It was tremendous! I felt like I was seeing an old-fashioned show. The singing, the acting, the dancing, was all wonderful. We all left floating out of the theater. I could have gone right back in and seen it again.

Mr. Michie picked me up after my little afternoon soiree and whisked me off to a dinner date at one of our favorite hangouts: The Diner.

We feasted on burgers and fries and I got to drink root beer, which is a true treat as I only get root beer when I am there!

It was the perfect Saturday to start our 1/2 term break off with. This week, I plan to read, sew, redo/re-organize the pantry, just be with Mr. Michie, go to the movies, enjoy long walks in the fresh air, not wake up to an alarm. It will just be Heaven!

It’s Possible!

“It’s possible for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage!”

If you know the lines to that song, than you know one of the sweetest Rodgers & Hammerstein shows that ever was. We are on our Winter break this week and while I was busy in the house cleaning, I flipped on the TV and saw that “Cinderella” was on and I just had to sit down and watch it.

I can still remember the first time I saw this on TV when I was little sitting in front of the set with my footed pj’s on, I was mesmerized. Just as my parent’s were when they would tell me about the first time they saw it and what a really big deal it was, for something like that to come on TV. It still holds as much magic for me now as it did then. There is such an air of nostalgia around it; the colors of the costumes and the set design, it is beautiful.

I adore when they put something so sweet and wholesome on television during the school breaks, something you could sit down and watch with your children while you work on an art project, something that will make them think and not just “talk” to them, that uses intelligent language and no slang. In my own little corner in my own little room, this was the perfect thing on TV to take a break to today. Well, back to work…