Phillis Jean Porter itsbetterthanbad

We’re riding into this weekend today and heading straight for the sunset. It has been such a busy busy week! Last night I went with a colleague to see our school’s production of Les Miserables, it was like a mini broadway show! We had worked on painting the floors in a cobblestone design, it looked pretty effective from our seats, so I was very pleased.

The Boy’s School particpated and the boy who was Jean Valjean brought tears to my eyes. When he sang, “Bring Him Home”, I was gobsmacked. It was truly emotional. He could have been a proffessional singer doing this. The emotion to his voice was awing. All the students did tremendously well, they have worked so hard and this was their fourth night of performing in a row and the energy was still incredible!

So that was a nice way to almost wrap up the week. This weekend, we have errands to run, cleaning to do, Christmas decorations to start getting out and we are celebrating Thanksgiving, so I have a pumpkin pie to make!

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