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The Stars Have Dimmed, Again

We had just finished our run this morning and while reading the paper over a cup of coffee, Mr. Michie stared up at me in disbelief. The bewitching Debbie Reynolds had passed away. I lost a piece of my childhood this morning.

Long before I saw Singing in the Rain, she was my Tammy. I must have watched that movie a thousand times, singing along to “Tammy” with her as she dreamily gazed out the window. Equally she was my Molly. I would belt out “Belly Up to the Bar, Boys” and dance around our den.

I was much older before I realised that the voice of my beloved Charlotte belonged to her as well. She was a beautiful, funny, charming, charismatic woman and she will be missed. She got her wish to be with her daughter again and I hope that she is at peace.

A Saturday Date

Yesterday afternoon I met some friends in London to see Singing in the Rain. It was tremendous! I felt like I was seeing an old-fashioned show. The singing, the acting, the dancing, was all wonderful. We all left floating out of the theater. I could have gone right back in and seen it again.

Mr. Michie picked me up after my little afternoon soiree and whisked me off to a dinner date at one of our favorite hangouts: The Diner.

We feasted on burgers and fries and I got to drink root beer, which is a true treat as I only get root beer when I am there!

It was the perfect Saturday to start our 1/2 term break off with. This week, I plan to read, sew, redo/re-organize the pantry, just be with Mr. Michie, go to the movies, enjoy long walks in the fresh air, not wake up to an alarm. It will just be Heaven!