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Mushroom Cookies

Jennifer Michie Mushroom Cookie

We ran some errands in central London this weekend. Someone, has a Birthday coming up this week (ermmm-hmmm!) and Mr. Michie needed to do a little shopping. So, we had lunch at The Diner (best cheeseburgers around!) and then headed off in opposite directions.

He went on a secret Birthday shopping mission and I went to the London Graphic Centre to buy some micron pens and a few Copic markers as I am starting to do a little zen-doodling in my sketchbook and I wanted to try out some things I had seen. I always doodle, so I find it slightly amusing that this is something that people are seriously going to classes for and studying, but hey, if that’s what works for you, run with it.

One of my mom’s sisters is an artist and she told my mom about going to a zen-doodling/zen-tangled class and my mom told me and that is what sparked my interest. I am always interested in discovering new artistic styles. I have learned some different patterning techniques and an entire train ride home was gone in a flash as I was so lost in what I was doing, so there you go!

We met up at Whole Foods after running our errands and needed a mini afternoon snack. We ran inside to pick up a few items and grabbed a bottle of water and a bag of cookies we picked out ourselves. They were delicious, like good Italian bakery cookie delicious. We sat outside in the sunshine at one of the tables and just took in the day.

Mr. Michie ate his butter cookie and I feasted on a little mushroom cookie, dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles. Happiness is….

The Weekend

We got up bright and early on Saturday to make the most of the glorious day we had in front of us! Every art exhibition that I have wanted to see lately, we were never able to get tickets for. I love Roy Lichtenstein, I always have and Mr. Michie was not going to let this slip by without taking me.

So off we went to the Tate Modern and what a day it was! We loved the show. I still can’t believe that I got to see Whaam!, in person!!! And, one of my all time favorites, We Rose Up Slowly. It was beautiful, I stood in front of it for ages, just taking it all in. The colors, the scale, the beauty of it.

After the show we stood in the line buying a few postcards and Mr. Michie with his cheeky grin commented on how funny it was that Lichtenstein’s work made comment on mass production and the consumer’s need to buy into mass production and here we were buying massed produced postcards about work that was in part created to comment on mass production. That was his arty farty comment on the day! We still bought the postcards!

We had lunch at The Diner, I got a short stack of pancakes, that were deliciousi-oso! Mr. Michie got an order of chili cheese fries. We wandered into Liberty’s as there was some fabric I wanted to see in person. On the way out we walked through the jewellery department, and we spotted a stunning ring, but we clearly didn’t look like two people who could buy jewellery there as the two sales associates wouldn’t even speak to us. It is always amusing to be judged. Judged by someone who knows nothing about you and has already formed this opinion of you in their mind.

We left there, strolled into Convent Garden and ended up going to Wahaca for an early Cinco de Mayo feast and ate cactus tacos and chicken tinga and frijoles and spicy slaw, it was wonderful as always. It was the perfect day, out with my baby, just enjoying where the wind blew us.

A Saturday Date

Yesterday afternoon I met some friends in London to see Singing in the Rain. It was tremendous! I felt like I was seeing an old-fashioned show. The singing, the acting, the dancing, was all wonderful. We all left floating out of the theater. I could have gone right back in and seen it again.

Mr. Michie picked me up after my little afternoon soiree and whisked me off to a dinner date at one of our favorite hangouts: The Diner.

We feasted on burgers and fries and I got to drink root beer, which is a true treat as I only get root beer when I am there!

It was the perfect Saturday to start our 1/2 term break off with. This week, I plan to read, sew, redo/re-organize the pantry, just be with Mr. Michie, go to the movies, enjoy long walks in the fresh air, not wake up to an alarm. It will just be Heaven!