A few months ago while reading the lovely Hillary Lang’s site Wee Wonderfuls, I saw this picture:

I was in love. I commented along with many others who were all hoping she would share this adorable pattern with us. She wrote back to tell us, that she would and it would be so much better than just a pattern it was going to be a book:

I was ecstatic and rushed to Amazon UK to see if I would be able to pre-order. I didn’t think I could wait to get it into my hands, after seeing some samples of  the absolute cutest, sweetest, vintagey-est, lovely little things that are held within those pages.  There is a nice old-fashioned feeling to these dolls, like the dolls you played with when you were little. Look at this lady for example:

I see her in my future, sitting on a shelf or a desk, smiling as she watches what I am getting up to. On Friday, Martha Stewart’s Craft site did a small feature on Mrs. Lang and with her permission was kind enough to share a pattern from her book.  The pattern is: The Mermaiden.

And, I can’t wait to try her, I have the perfect fabric in mind for her little tail. Never having tried my hand at free-motion quilting, I am looking forward to giving this project a go.

This is the only pattern I have yet to see in full, unfortunately Amazon UK has not yet received shipment of this wonderful book and so my patience must win out, because it will be another 2-3 weeks before this wee lady has her wee book! In the meantime I can just dream about all the wonderful things held within those pages…

*Click on The Mermaiden image to be taken to the pattern
(All images copyright Hillary Lang, Wee Wonderfuls)