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A Treat to Myself

Since the arrival of a new baby in our family, I have picked up a few more “making” books here and there. I want to be able to make and give things to my beautiful little niece.

Before Christmas I was at the Tate Modern and saw this book in their giftshop:

I thought it was absolutely adorable and ordered a copy off Amazon. I have a few pieces of fabric I have been squirreling away that I want to use to make some little toys for her to play with. I just know she is going to love animals.

I have already made her a teeny tiny inchworm named Edna. The pattern for that was in my Wee Wonderfuls book.

Yesterday evening while going through my Google Reader, I read a Wee Wonderfuls post. Hillary has made her online shop a little more pocket friendly, although she has always been affordable, she has now made it a little easier for you to get something and “try it” vs. just thinking about it, since maybe, the price just wasn’t right for you if the project you were looking at was something you weren’t so sure about attempting.

I did that last night. I have looked at this doll pattern for ages and last night snapped it up as a treat to myself. I plan to make one of these for my niece. I think they are adorable and the creative possibilities with them are endless. You can make them a whole little wardrobe to be dressed in. I don’t know who is going to have more fun playing with it? The “big” girls or the little ones.



A miniature inchworm that is a “work in progress” in one of my many little ongoing projects this week.

This little worm, will be going to someone very special!

A Little Pixie Dust

This little pixie elf is making me smile today. Hillary’s blog always makes me smile. When I can get to my felt again, I want to try my hand at making a little version of her for myself.

I know she would cheer up any little place she rested and I bet she has plenty of pixie dust hidden up her sleeve for a little Christmas magic!

Be sure to check out Hillary’s gorgeous website Wee Wonderfuls and book!

Wee Wonderfuls

A few months ago while reading the lovely Hillary Lang’s site Wee Wonderfuls, I saw this picture:

I was in love. I commented along with many others who were all hoping she would share this adorable pattern with us. She wrote back to tell us, that she would and it would be so much better than just a pattern it was going to be a book:

I was ecstatic and rushed to Amazon UK to see if I would be able to pre-order. I didn’t think I could wait to get it into my hands, after seeing some samples of  the absolute cutest, sweetest, vintagey-est, lovely little things that are held within those pages.  There is a nice old-fashioned feeling to these dolls, like the dolls you played with when you were little. Look at this lady for example:

I see her in my future, sitting on a shelf or a desk, smiling as she watches what I am getting up to. On Friday, Martha Stewart’s Craft site did a small feature on Mrs. Lang and with her permission was kind enough to share a pattern from her book.  The pattern is: The Mermaiden.

And, I can’t wait to try her, I have the perfect fabric in mind for her little tail. Never having tried my hand at free-motion quilting, I am looking forward to giving this project a go.

This is the only pattern I have yet to see in full, unfortunately Amazon UK has not yet received shipment of this wonderful book and so my patience must win out, because it will be another 2-3 weeks before this wee lady has her wee book! In the meantime I can just dream about all the wonderful things held within those pages…

*Click on The Mermaiden image to be taken to the pattern
(All images copyright Hillary Lang, Wee Wonderfuls)

Getting Ready for the Fair

Well, with a sharp rap at the door, my felt arrived this morning and this weekend I was busy gathering ribbons, jingle bells, fabric scraps and making my plan of attack to get everything done on time.

I still have one more roll of ribbon to order for my gingerbread men wreaths. They are in the oven as I write and the house is filled with the scent of spicy cinnamon, it is wonderful. I have Christmas music playing in my kitchen, because you can only create true gingerbread wreaths with the sounds of the season going through your head as you roll and cut and lay out.

I will hopefully be cutting my bears out today and working on a mitten pattern for a garland so I will busy, busy, busy. I have so much to get done and not a lot of time, but I work well under pressure and I love a challenge.

Well, my timer has just beeped to let me know that another batch of wreaths are ready to come out of the oven, so I am twirling off to gingerbread men, Christmas music, and visions of sugarplum fairies dancing in my head…this little peppermint fairy just really puts me in a jolly Christmassy mood, doesn’t she make you happy too?

(Peppermint Fairy by WeeWonderfuls)