A Treat to Myself

Since the arrival of a new baby in our family, I have picked up a few more “making” books here and there. I want to be able to make and give things to my beautiful little niece.

Before Christmas I was at the Tate Modern and saw this book in their giftshop:

I thought it was absolutely adorable and ordered a copy off Amazon. I have a few pieces of fabric I have been squirreling away that I want to use to make some little toys for her to play with. I just know she is going to love animals.

I have already made her a teeny tiny inchworm named Edna. The pattern for that was in my Wee Wonderfuls book.

Yesterday evening while going through my Google Reader, I read a Wee Wonderfuls post. Hillary has made her online shop a little more pocket friendly, although she has always been affordable, she has now made it a little easier for you to get something and “try it” vs. just thinking about it, since maybe, the price just wasn’t right for you if the project you were looking at was something you weren’t so sure about attempting.

I did that last night. I have looked at this doll pattern for ages and last night snapped it up as a treat to myself. I plan to make one of these for my niece. I think they are adorable and the creative possibilities with them are endless. You can make them a whole little wardrobe to be dressed in. I don’t know who is going to have more fun playing with it? The “big” girls or the little ones.