Armed with my new camera, a trip into central London this week, meant an excuse to go into Snog and grab a tasty frozen treat! I’ll be honest, at first, I was not sure about their frozen yogurt, but now I think I have been won over. I really enjoyed their chocolate flavour with white chocolate stars, and they were far from skimpy on my toppings!

The walls had wonderful colorful art, like a page out of a storybook. My first Snog treat was on my Birthday day out and I was not expecting the Greek slightly soured tartness to it, I expected it to be more like frozen yogurt from the States, which is sweeter, but little by little, it is growing on me, even if only for the chocolate stars!

* A note, for my non British readers, “snog” is slang for kissing in jolly ol’ England & I like the fact that they have played on that word, because who doesn’t “fancy a snog”?