Now, that Mr. Michie and I are both off together, we headed out Tuesday afternoon to run some errands. While running them, we decided to go to the movies, it was bargain Tuesday after all and all movies are £4 all day long! Woo-Hoo!

A quick trip into the candy store armed us with chocolate and strawberry liquorice.  He grabbed the tickets to “The A-Team” and I grabbed the Coke and popcorn. It was a great movie, just a good ol’ Summertime movie!

We held hands, and stuffed ourselves with popcorn and just enjoyed being with each other. After the movie we headed to Nando’s for an early dinner and then back to reality with a little grocery shopping, but not without stealing a kiss or two on the aisles.

There are no pictures to show for our date, but should there be? We were lost in each other and perfectly content!

(Image: Norman Rockwell)