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I have a secret! Mr. Michie surprised me on Valentine’s by telling me he was taking me to our beloved city for a short break! I almost passed out with delight! We bundled up and walked through the snow to some of our favourite places and made some new discoveries along the way too. We ate delicious food, lit candles in our apartment and watched the river go by at night. It was very hygge!

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 1

Our view of the river.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 2

Le Gourmand on Værnedamsvej. This street is the “mini Paris” of Copenhagen.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 3

Blomsterskuret, the most amazing flower shop. Also located on Værnedamsvej.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 4

Tulips for sale at Blomsterskuret.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 5

Snow laden branches.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 6

A walk in the snow.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 7

Lunch at the Louisiana Museum.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 8

Physichromie 497, Carlos Cruz-Diez at the Louisiana Museum.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 9

A different way to view the world, Louisiana Museum.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 10

Juicy Burger Order.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 11

Juicy Burger potatoes.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 12

Brisket, sweet pickles and mac ‘n cheese at Warpigs.

Jennifer Michie Copenhagen 13

Hushpuppies with pimento cheese at Warpigs.

Louisiana Museum
Juicy Burger


Jennifer Michie Pears

The pears at the market yesterday were so beautiful, I couldn’t help but take a picture. They were perfectly ripe and their heady scent was the only perfume in the sultry June air.

Christmas Shopping in London

I spent the day by myself wandering in and out of my favourite London spots. I had a bit of Christmas shopping to do and my path took me from one end to the other. I passed the lego reindeer in Covent Garden:

Jennifer Michie Lego Reindeer

The “Blush” entitled Paddington Bear designed by Nicole Kidman:

Jennifer Michie Blush Paddington

I went shopping at Fortnum & Masons, always a sumptuous feast for the eyes:

Jennifer Michie Fortnum & Mason

I stopped by Lina’s for some Italian Christmas pastries:

Jennifer Michie Linas

And I treated myself to an afternoon showing of “It’s A Wonderful Life” at the Prince Charles Cinema. Which is one of the greatest little movie houses in the world! It was bitterly cold outside, but I was snuggled up with popcorn and a coke watching an old black and white Christmas movie! It was a day of bliss!

The merry-go-round at the Leicester Square Christmas Market, where I waited for Mr. Michie to meet me for a dinner date:

Jennifer Michie Carousel

I love when we get to have totally un-interupted time together. We even went past a Christmas Party Bus on our way home, too cute!

Jennifer Michie Party Bus

Radiohead, Film Editing & The Weekend

I am a Radiohead fan. I have an old concert t-shirt of theirs I stole from Mr. Michie many many moons ago, it is perfectly soft. He is an even bigger Radiohead fan and so he smiled sweetly and closed his eyes when I played this for him this chilly Saturday morning, found via The Fox is Black.

I have a film to finish editing this weekend that will go on display along with 14 other films in St. John Smith’s Square Music Hall this week. It is an abstract film that will accompany the symphony. It has been an interesting process for me as I have never made a piece of abstract film before. I will post the film and share more on that soon.

Oh, the weekend! Those two words: THE WEEKEND, hark so gloriously to my ears. This week has been insanely busy, with more than a few late nights. It is funny to think that the place you call home, the place you spend time creating as an oasis is sometimes the place you spend your least amount of time in. I have spent more time outside of my house than in it this week. Hmm, I think this work/life balance thing needs some reconsideration.

We plan to do a lot of walking this weekend, a little coffee drinking, a bit of shopping as I am working on putting together some surprise packages and a lot of delicious eating and being in each other’s company. Being with Mr. Michie makes me happy.

West Elm London

Jennifer Michie West Elm uk

Well, another wonderful store from home has arrived in London: West Elm! It has been on my “To Visit” hit list for awhile now and today we did! I am a huge Williams-Sonoma fan, and to have this little piece of them in London is fantastic! Now, if we could only get a Williams-Sonoma store and Pottery Barn here that would be even better!

We were taking the day as it came and attempted to go to a photography exhibit that was fully booked, so we decided to let our feet take us in a shopping direction instead.

First to Anthropologie to do a bit of present buying and then a trip down Oxford Street with West Elm being our last stop.

It is beautifully laid out. As per usual my favorite section was the kitchen area. I walked away with a Lodge cast iron skillet and a beautiful shiny Nordic Ware professional kitchen loaf pan. Mr. Michie was happy as I set him up in the coffee shop, he quite happily drank a, in his words, perfect flat white and perused the internet on his phone.

Knowing he had made camp and was smiling, meant I could truly relax and enjoy a bit of shopping. Now, he is amazing, I have to say, I am really lucky because he does enjoy shopping and never minds how long I take in a store. But, I never want to take advantage of that generosity, so knowing that I had left him with a good cup of jo and a cozy place to sit and that he was happy, made me very happy!

First things first, I plan to try a recipe in this new cast iron skillet of mine that I saw on the lovely How Sweet Eats blog, it is a brussels sprout and bacon cast iron skillet pizza. I think we will be making the pizza sans brussels sprouts, it is the concept that I like. So I think tomorrow’s date night is planned, we just have to pick a good wine!

Thank you for coming to London, West Elm! You have made this girl truly HAPPY!

Mushroom Cookies

Jennifer Michie Mushroom Cookie

We ran some errands in central London this weekend. Someone, has a Birthday coming up this week (ermmm-hmmm!) and Mr. Michie needed to do a little shopping. So, we had lunch at The Diner (best cheeseburgers around!) and then headed off in opposite directions.

He went on a secret Birthday shopping mission and I went to the London Graphic Centre to buy some micron pens and a few Copic markers as I am starting to do a little zen-doodling in my sketchbook and I wanted to try out some things I had seen. I always doodle, so I find it slightly amusing that this is something that people are seriously going to classes for and studying, but hey, if that’s what works for you, run with it.

One of my mom’s sisters is an artist and she told my mom about going to a zen-doodling/zen-tangled class and my mom told me and that is what sparked my interest. I am always interested in discovering new artistic styles. I have learned some different patterning techniques and an entire train ride home was gone in a flash as I was so lost in what I was doing, so there you go!

We met up at Whole Foods after running our errands and needed a mini afternoon snack. We ran inside to pick up a few items and grabbed a bottle of water and a bag of cookies we picked out ourselves. They were delicious, like good Italian bakery cookie delicious. We sat outside in the sunshine at one of the tables and just took in the day.

Mr. Michie ate his butter cookie and I feasted on a little mushroom cookie, dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles. Happiness is….

Stopping to Smell the Roses

The weekend is finally here! We have made it! I have a few errands to run tomorrow morning and then Mr. Michie is taking me to the nursery to pick up a few things for our little garden.

I have a terracotta pot that didn’t survive a pedestrian and now needs to be replaced and my other little flower boxes are truly ready for a punch of color!

So, this weekend, we are going to enjoy every moment we have together and remember to take time and stop to smell the roses.

Have a great weekend!

{image found here}

A Snowy Saturday Out

We left our house early on Saturday morning to beat the snow, well at least beat enough of the snow that they didn’t shut the train lines down. You could hear the ice cracking underneath the wheels as the train pulled into the station.

It was freezing cold, but just beautiful. We were in our own little wonderland. First things first, we got some breakfast, I had pancakes, mmmm!

Then we ran our errands and grabbed some lunch before heading home. Once home, we went to the grocery store and I spent the rest of the day making fresh yeast rolls, two shepherd’s pie and two turkey pot pies. All of this was for Mr. Michie, as I am sneaking away to see my family over the Easter Holidays.

He can’t come as, unfortunately, he is way too busy at the moment. He will be running Easter sessions for students and working on his Master’s over the course of the school break. At least I know I have left him with delicious food (even though he is a truly excellent chef himself) to enjoy while I’m away. I shall return with lots of surprises for him, to make up for the fact he couldn’t get away with me.

Today, I am making chicken ‘n dumplings and a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs. The snow has started to swirl outside again and our house is nice and toasty. It is a perfect day for just staying inside and being in the kitchen, while watching the snow fall from the window!

This was our view from the bridge over the train tracks:

This little wren was soaked through from the snow and trying to get a bit of those leftover sandwich crusts, he was so sweet and happy to pose for a picture:


I’m afraid I have no images to share with you today, just words. I spent yesterday wandering around London and doing a little Christmas shopping. It is early to do that I know, but some things I have to get done dearly, so they can be mailed out in plenty of time to arrive at their destinations amongst all the other flurry of Christmas post the mailmen and mail-ladies are busily sorting, stacking, bundling and delivering.

I didn’t do my Christmas window walk yet, but I have heard tell that Harrod’s theme this year is Fairytales, so I can’t wait to see that.

I walked along Marylebone High Street, it is one of my favorite places to shop! I picked up a few things at Emma Bridgewater and Cath Kidston, popped into Daunt Books and the wonderful Oxfam Book Store. I stopped into Rococo to pick up a little chocolate for a friend and was very kindly given one of my favorites, a chili chocolate truffle by the lovely girl helping me!

As I walked out the brisk air, quickly took the scent of chocolate out of my nostrils, but it came back again the moment, I popped that chili truffle into my mouth, mmmm, heaven sent! I was greedy, I popped the whole thing in at once!

I didn’t make it to Liberty’s, so that is a trip for next time. I wanted to look at some fabric and to go to their Christmas floor, which is always a delight. I did make it to Anthropologie, always a store of happiness, their window was adorably, filled with owls.

I saw the most beautiful sunset yesterday. It was unreal. I wanted to snap a picture for you, but I didn’t bring my camera yesterday and my phone refused to cooperate with me, but I can tell you, if any of you who read me were walking around in London yesterday afternoon and happened to look up, you will know what I am talking about. The buildings were almost black, the sky was violet, pumpkin orange, watermelon pink, daisy yellow, it took my breath away.

Today, we are relaxing, as the next two weeks of school are going to be extremely hectic. I am going to make that butternut squash chili again, Mr. Michie will be working on creating his out of this world guacamole and grading papers in between.

I hope you are well and happy wherever you may be today.

Staying Cozy…

Mr. Michie is working, I have been “Spring Cleaning”, since we “spring” forward tomorrow and we are just staying cozy, because there is a chill in the air.

I think I shall reward myself for a cleaning job well done, by doing a little shopping, I have a few surprises I need to pick up at Cath Kidston and if you go there, you never know what else might jump into your basket.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, wherever you are!

(Image found here, embellished by J. Michie)

**OOPS! I must be more eager to Spring Forward than I thought! I just read my calendar wrong, it wasn’t little old England that was springing forward this weekend, we still have a bit more of a wait!