Stopping to Smell the Roses

The weekend is finally here! We have made it! I have a few errands to run tomorrow morning and then Mr. Michie is taking me to the nursery to pick up a few things for our little garden.

I have a terracotta pot that didn’t survive a pedestrian and now needs to be replaced and my other little flower boxes are truly ready for a punch of color!

So, this weekend, we are going to enjoy every moment we have together and remember to take time and stop to smell the roses.

Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Stopping to Smell the Roses

  1. the REAL girl

    Yes, enjoy that wonderful weekend; smile a lot, count your blessings, make some yummy food…have a delicious treat out, take a walk, hold hands, and be thankful. Some hard times, but just more reminders of being present each and every day and being kind to one another….

    Love you!!


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