You might have noticed recently that I have a new button in my sidebar. It is a link to my new blog. I have decided to take on a 365 day project in conjunction with my new job and if all goes well, I would like to continue taking photographs of a chosen theme for a set amount of time. Sometimes a picture really can say a 1,000 words!

I still have some tweaks to make and cleaning up to do, but the bones are there and the structure is slowly being defined. My new job is a position within a school Art Deparment and my office is literally “In the Art Cupboard”.

It is filled with the most delicious items vintage and new, that are used to set up still lifes or for use in the students personal work. There are tons of old car parts, lanterns, ancient suitcases, doll parts, vintage bottles, old-fashioned typewriters, just to name a few things that are contained within those walls.

I shall begin, with what I hope to be an ongoing project by photographing the items hidden within my cupboard for 365 days. I hope you join me on my journey as I begin to discover what exactly is “In the Art Cupboard”!