Jennifer Michie Rainbow TulipsAs I announced on Friday, we had some celebrating to do this weekend! I have accepted a position within a school in London and I am just elated!

However, it takes a village and I did not get this job on my own. I had family and friends who were keeping me in their thoughts and prayers as well as work colleagues who helped me in printing out my work, so the ink would be a truer color and then binding it for me as a portfolio, as well as giving me all their well wishes and warm hugs.

My friends at work were so happy for me on Thursday when I told them the news! I wanted to thank them as they didn’t have to lend me a hand in a hour of need, but they did, as great friends do! So these rainbow tulips were their thank you from me.

The world is a lot better place with my family and friends in it. I am lucky and I know it! I have a football field full of cheerleaders who are cheering just for me!