Hear, Hear!

Cowboy Picnic Itsbetterthanbad FlickrHear, Hear! It’s the weekend! This weekend brings with it the promise of Summer. According to the weatherman we are to have 10 full days of sunshine. Now, in merry ol’ England, that means we will be spending as much time outdoors as we can, because this could be the only Summer we have. If I had an orchard to sit in this weekend, I think I would be sitting there with these cowboys having a cold beer! And then maybe we could go take a dip in the lake.

I have had the nicest day. I worked as a teacher’s assistant today, while we both led a dark room photography class and made beautiful photograms and then went out and made sun prints on cyanotype paper. Any excuse to be outside!

Jennifer Michie photogram Jennifer Michie cyanotype print

This week has brought many changes as well as I begin to write the final pages of one chapter and begin a new one. I have accepted a position at a school in London and I am very very excited! The staff have already given me such a warm welcome and their facilities are simply stunning!

This will be a new challenge and one I am truly looking forward to. I am ready to move on, the time is right, the students I started with have just graduated. My babies have left the nest, so it is the perfect time to take this next step.

Here’s to sunshine and sweet tea and cowboys and weekends and new beginnings!

{cowboy image found here}