Five Guys UK

Jennifer Michie Five Guys 1As much as I truly embrace living here, having a little slice of home is always welcomed. I got that this weekend, as Mr. Michie took me out on a date to Five Guys!

They are one of my favorite burger joints from home. I have some great dive bars I love to go to for a cheeseburger, but this is one of those great burger chains that never seems to disappoint, no matter what state you have traveled to/through and stop by.

Their landmark restaurant in London, didn’t disappoint either! We waited about 30 minutes to get inside (the sidewalk was roped off) and order and get our food. We found a great booth in a niche downstairs, drank too much vanilla coke (it would have been even better if they had chocolate coke, but I’m not complaining!) and feasted on cheeseburgers and fries and listened to the good music pumping out of the speakers. It was the perfect Saturday Summertime date!

Jennifer Michie Five Guys 2It was pure heaven. Now, we love The Diner, that is our hangout spot, but these burgers are different from that, so there isn’t really a comparison. This was just a bite of happiness in my mouth. It tasted just like home! Oh, Five Guys UK, I am SO HAPPY that you have come to London, you make living here, that much sweeter!