I’m leaving for a few days on a little adventure. I am going to Madrid. A city I have never been to before. This year we are taking our annual department Art trip and myself, along with 5 other colleagues and 54 students are heading to the gorgeous city of Madrid.

It is a lot of preparation and planning, but it is all worth it. I am very excited! I will get to see Guernica in person and after studying it so many times in school in my Art History classes, this is a big deal, as well as Las Meninas and a personal favorite artist of mine, the dynamic Edward Hopper and his oil painting, Hotel Room.

Mr. Michie took me to see a Hopper exhibition at the Tate Modern a few years ago and it was wonderful. We got to view Nighthawks in person, we must have stood there staring at that for ages. I was amazed at the scale, it was bigger than I had imagined, even though I had read the measurements countless times before.

That is one of Mr. Michie’s favorite paintings and we have a copy of it in our house. We used to play a game with each other and pretend we were the people in the diner and if we had been there what would we have ordered. I usually wanted something from one of my favorite local haunts at home that I couldn’t get here; a girl can dream can’t she?

We are also going to an exhibition of Imogen Cunningham’s work. Her photographs are something I am truly looking forward to. She constantly experimented with her craft and getting to view her prints will be a absolute treat! She was also a contemporary of other photographers I like and have used to teach the students about photography in my pinhole camera class.

I hope to come back with lots of pictures for you guys and interesting stories. In the mean time I will leave you with pictures I took in London over the weekend. While Mr. Michie was presenting at a conference, I was out shopping, walking and breathing in the sights and sounds of my city! Take care my friends, I shall see you soon.