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Off the Grid

This is Colossal Off the Grid

I’ve been catching up on a few things since our return from Denmark (photos coming soon, I promise!). One thing on my “To-Do” list was to go through the things I saved in my Instapaper account. As I slowly started combing through the articles I had put in there for rainy day reading, I re-discovered this one on Colossal.

A Canadian couple have spent the past 24 years building their own floating island. Today they are currently moored off the coast of Vancouver. I was completely fascinated by this idea. I would love to follow them through the seasons and see how their life changes when the snow begins to fall.

Off the Grid on a Homemade Island from Great Big Story on Vimeo.

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Memories of Paintings

This is Colossal Tom Blanchard Film

I sat down yesterday afternoon to catch up on a bit of blog reading that I had saved and I watched this. I was mesmerised. Created by Thomas Blanchard, using a mixture of paint, milk, oil and liquid soap. I was completely entranced. I felt that I was watching a cosmic explosion, a carnival of candy colours, a film showing biological matter in all it’s minutea. It is a metamorphosis of colours and shapes. I found it to be almost meditative. Enjoy!

Memories of Paintings from Thomas Blanchard on Vimeo.

{Found via: This is Colossal}

A Japanese Kokeshi Doll

I know that my posting has been a bit sporadic as of late. My computer is dying a slow and very painful death. The screen begins to flash as if its possessed and the keyboard has now decided to stop working among other things, so Mr. Michie is very kindly sharing his macbook with me in the meantime.

In attempting to get caught up with my blog reading list this morning, I saw this post on Colossal. I was mesmerised. More than ever before, the art of creating something by hand should be valued. In Japan, Yasuo Okazaki carries on the tradition of handcrafting Kokeshi Dolls that was taught to him by his father. Beautiful.

{Original post found on Colossal}

Dale Chihuly

Jennifer Michie Dale Chihuly London

I am a huge Dale Chihuly fan! I remember the first time I every saw his work in person. It was the early 2000s and the Victoria & Albert Museum was holding an exhibition of his work. There was one piece in which you walked through a tunnel and once inside you were completely surrounded by colorful pieces of glass that stretched and twisted around you. There were lights shining through that sparkled and shimmered. It was like walking through a coral reef. I fell in love.

He has a show on at the moment at the Halcyon Gallery in London. We stopped by this weekend and this was a quick snap I grabbed. What he does with glass is truly mesmerizing. I could quite happily have this in my home and look at it everyday! You could walk around it a hundred times and still find something new to discover. It was like a moored boat that has started to grow the strangest barnacles out of its hull.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, wherever you may be today.

Dale Chihuly

The Halcyon Gallery

A Charlie Brown Christmas

It just isn’t Christmas in our house if you don’t watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas”! You just can’t beat the Peanut’s in my humble opinion.

My sister and I watched this every year on TV, it was a big deal when it came on, the same with “Rudolph”. Just watching these movies sets the tone for my Holidays. It is a tradition that I have carried on with Mr. Michie, if Charlie Brown is on, Christmas is near!

{Poster by Tom Whalen}


We awoke to rain this morning, beating against the window panes and thundering down on the roof. It was still slightly dark outside and our room felt warm and cozy and bear cave like. Mr. Michie left me to make a pot of coffee and I feel back to sleep for another 20 minutes. One of those wonderfully restful sleeps, where you know you have had the best sleep in that time then you had during entire the night.

We made pancakes and sausage for breakfast, a special Sunday treat. It is quiet today, the house is quiet, we are quiet, outside is quiet. I think the house knows that we are going back to school tomorrow and it will be mourning its happy occupants this past week who filled the house during the day.

I enjoy my work with the students, but I must say, I am very selfish with my time, I have relished this week of just being. I didn’t accomplish everything that I wanted too, but that is alright. It was what it was supposed to be and we rested and pitter-pattered around and cooked great food together and listened to music and caught up on some TV shows we watch and munched on Halloween candy in-between.

I have meant to share this for awhile now, but for one reason or another I just forgot. The weather seems to fit the mood of the colors used in this piece today and watching this is like seeing a magic trick take place before you.

This was created by the very talented Maisie Broadhead, she is known for her photographic parodies where she recreates fine art paintings into photographs. She has work in the The National Gallery Photography Exhibition that has just started this past week, Seduced by Art. It is on my list of exhibits I would like to see.

We are going to continue to just be today. Mr. Michie is planning a few lessons and grading papers, I am staying cozy, listening to music, reading and planning on making one of our favorite Julia Child chicken recipes tonight, to celebrate the end of our week and the start of our next school term.


I’m leaving for a few days on a little adventure. I am going to Madrid. A city I have never been to before. This year we are taking our annual department Art trip and myself, along with 5 other colleagues and 54 students are heading to the gorgeous city of Madrid.

It is a lot of preparation and planning, but it is all worth it. I am very excited! I will get to see Guernica in person and after studying it so many times in school in my Art History classes, this is a big deal, as well as Las Meninas and a personal favorite artist of mine, the dynamic Edward Hopper and his oil painting, Hotel Room.

Mr. Michie took me to see a Hopper exhibition at the Tate Modern a few years ago and it was wonderful. We got to view Nighthawks in person, we must have stood there staring at that for ages. I was amazed at the scale, it was bigger than I had imagined, even though I had read the measurements countless times before.

That is one of Mr. Michie’s favorite paintings and we have a copy of it in our house. We used to play a game with each other and pretend we were the people in the diner and if we had been there what would we have ordered. I usually wanted something from one of my favorite local haunts at home that I couldn’t get here; a girl can dream can’t she?

We are also going to an exhibition of Imogen Cunningham’s work. Her photographs are something I am truly looking forward to. She constantly experimented with her craft and getting to view her prints will be a absolute treat! She was also a contemporary of other photographers I like and have used to teach the students about photography in my pinhole camera class.

I hope to come back with lots of pictures for you guys and interesting stories. In the mean time I will leave you with pictures I took in London over the weekend. While Mr. Michie was presenting at a conference, I was out shopping, walking and breathing in the sights and sounds of my city! Take care my friends, I shall see you soon.