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HELLO, July!

Well, hello July! We’re ready for school to finish for the summer this month and to have a chance to catch our breath. We’re ready to keep our 70s music groove rolling as we dance in the kitchen with evening closing in. We’re ready for more sunny days and early morning walks when the rest of the world is still sleeping.

We’re ready for afternoons spent on the couch with the windows open wide, letting the ocean breeze drift in and a good book in hand. We’re ready for more dinners by candlelight, setting up the projector to watch old movies and have our annual Christmas in July party. We’re ready for chances to go hiking nearby and cooling off in the water on hot summer days.

We’re ready to feast on ham sandwiches with heirloom tomatoes on homemade bread for lunch time with glasses of sweet tea by our side. We’re ready for ice cream for dinner and the taste of salt air on our lips. We’re ready for summer and the freedom it promises to bring.

{Julie Blues Marvelous New Swim Cap, Janet Hill Studio // Pinned HERE}

Happy Spring!


*I know within the UK, the vernal equinox does not happen until tomorrow, so we stand on the cusp of it, but it will occur not long before midnight EST in the US. So “Welcome, Spring!” for all of our family and friends in that part of the globe.

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HELLO, March!

Hello, March! You bring us a slow awakening of the earth this month as we prepare for spring. There are already signs that the world around is starting to stir with daffodils and snowdrops blossoming and the few nests we have stumbled upon in the beginnings of being built with twigs and thread and bits of hair.

We’re ready for the days to slowly get a little longer, one by one, inching along. We’re ready for walks through the woods where treasures await to be discovered and our forest friends come out of their homes after a winter’s nap. We’re ready for more hiking adventures and the possibility of a picnic in the glen.

We’re ready to wear the green and celebrate St. Patrick’s day, to slowly move through this season of Lent with time for reflection and to celebrate life in the moment and all that it has to offer. So, here’s to seeing the sunrise on our morning walk, dinners by candlelight, music, dancing around the house and the joy of taking in and being aware of the world around us and the beauty that it has to offer if we only look.

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HELLO, February!

Hello, February! This month you usher in a birthday for one of my most cherished loved ones. You bring us Valentine’s Day and all the red, pink and white love and fun that goes with giving sweet surprises to family and friends. I’m ready for heart shaped desserts and more dinners by candlelight and steaming cups of hot chocolate with a stack of pancakes.

I’m ready for more music and dancing around the kitchen while we make dinner. I’m ready for a week off from school for winter break. I’m ready to still relish in winter, itself! I’m not wishing it away yet. I like these quieter moments. It’s a time to reflect, to be still, to recover from the hectic start to the year and to prepare for more of the year ahead.

So, February, we are ready for you and all that you hold and it would be even better if you could kiss us with snow! At least once! 💙

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We are definitely moving into sweater weather around these parts. The mornings and nights have been chilly. It rained a fair amount over the weekend, which was the perfect excuse to stay curled up, under a blanket, with a book.

I finished the fourth novel in the Earthsea series in two days. And now, I’ve moved on to a long awaited treat! This was a surprise from Mr. Michie, the fifth novel in The Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Riley. I’ve devoured the previous ones and The Moon Sister is no different. I’m completely transported to another world within those pages and I feel as if I know these women. It’s like visiting an old friend.

The gift of a good book is a true treasure. As the nights close in sooner and the candles are lit earlier, reading a book with a cup of tea by my side is one of my favourite past times.

{Image Tatsuro Kiuchi HERE // Pinned HERE}

HELLO & Goodbye, August!

The month has gotten away from me! We’ve been too busy feasting on heirloom tomatoes, sandwiched between homemade bread with salty potato chips on the side. We’ve baked pies and ate our weight in summer cherries and vanilla ice cream. We’ve hiked and planted flowers in new flower pots and danced around the house to whatever was playing and generally let the day steer our direction. We’ve been soaking up the sun and just enjoying the art of being before school begins anew. But, I’ll be back soon with lots to share.

{Image Janet Hill, Julie’s Marvelous New Swim Cap // Pinned HERE}