Okay, I am going to whisper a name to you on the wind, quietly breathed out through my lips. A name that should be revered; the name is: Amy Sherman-Palladino. Do you hear it? Whispering through the winds, rustling through the trees, the name of the woman who created The Gilmore Girls and the town of Stars Hollow. A town I am ready to pack my bags and move into, even if it is on a backlot and a soundstage.

The Gilmore Girls, sadly are not back, but Amy Sherman-Palladino is, and she has brought us: Bunheads. This is a show that I have a read a few things on, but one month has quickly tumbled into another and we have not had the pleasure to watch the first few episodes until late yesterday afternoon. We curled up on the couch, underneath our cozy quilt and hit “play”.

It centers around a former ballerina, turned Vegas showgirl, who marries an admirer and ends up back in his sleepy hometown of Paradise. Unfortunately within the first 48 hours of their marriage, her husband, is killed in an accident and she is left “alone” in a new town with her mother-in-law, who runs the local ballet studio.

Well, 3 episodes in, we are loving it, it isn’t The Gilmore Girls, but nothing will ever be, I am taking this show for what it is and enjoying it. I am eager to see where it goes. The lead characters mother-in-law is played by non other than Lorelai Gilmore’s mother, the lovely Kelly Bishop. I am so glad to see her gracing my screen once again.

The show started with the glitz and feathers of Vegas and took off running to the sleepy town of Paradise and we are running right along with it, ballerina slippers and tutus in hand.