I would like to introduce you to two very special people. I discovered them In The Art Cupboard, or they discovered me, we are still not sure which way it happened, but we are glad to have met. This is Goose Girl & Foxy. They have decided to leave the Cupboard for a little while and come and stay with me in my cottage.

Goose Girl & Foxy are very curious, I am not sure what they get up to when I am not at home. They decided to sit around the Christmas tree on Sunday and bask in the glow of Christmas lights. They begged me not to take it down, Foxy loves the glistening twinkle lights and the branches are the perfect canopy to sleep under. So, the tree will stay up a while longer.

They have agreed to travel with me when I go out and about.  I have the perfect pocket in my purse for them to travel in, in absolute style, of course! So watch out, Goose Girl & Foxy will be popping up here and there, you never know, they might get their own spot on my blog….