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Cherry Picking

Goose Girl decided she would join me on my run this morning. But, I lost her as soon as we crossed the footbridge. Once she saw the cherry trees on the other side, dripping with ruby droplets of sweetness, her eyes glazed and that was that.

I finished my run while she stayed to pick the cherries. Her apron was full by the time I swung back that way. She said she’s going to make a cherry pie for Foxy, but she couldn’t decide how elaborate to make her crust? Just a simple top crust with an “X” in the middle, or lattice work, or a top crust decorated with pastry leaves, flowers and cherries, or just to make a crumble topping, or…

Whatever she decides to do, I know Foxy will be very happy.

Breakfast at Dinner Time

Jennifer Michie Cracker Barrel GigiLast night, Jennifer decided to take us to Cracker Barrel to eat. She loves going there, as they have some of the best sweet tea this side of the Mason Dixon.

I find, that some nights just call for breakfast for dinner. This was one of those nights. Gigi got a plate of ham biscuits with the sugar cured ham, of course, as that is her favorite. While I had the buttermilk pancakes with fried apples and a drizzle of maple syrup to tie it all together.

Jennifer Michie Cracker Barrel Foxy

The cinnamon in the apples made my tongue tingle, while the syrup got into my whiskers and made them stick out hard and straight. As I licked them off with my pink tongue, they tasted like little sticks of maple candy. Gigi helped me finish cleaning them off when we were done with dinner. I left with a full and happy furry belly. I slept the rest of the way home while the ladies chatted away in the front seat. Happiness is…

{A mini note from Jennifer: Today, ushers in the first day of August and so I will be taking my annual August Break, which coincides perfectly with a little road trip I am about to take. So, I will be posting pictures here and there and just enjoying life on the road.}

Blog Update

Retro WomanHello? Hello?? Are you there? I just wanted to give you a mini blog update today. Well, I am pleased to announce that I am FINISHED! All of my Jenny Wren posts have now been updated to make sure that everything is working, all pictures imported properly, all videos and links accounted for…

GG and Foxy HeaderI have also had a long discussion with Goose Girl & Foxy. They have decided that they don’t want their own space anymore. They felt lonely having their own site and wanted to come back to sharing my space. I’ve let them.

So last night the three of us with the occasional double checking with Mr. Michie, worked to import their blog here and make sure all posts moved over smoothly. It was a bit of a tall order for a Monday night, but nothing we couldn’t handle. So from now on, this along with their menagerie of friends is their home too.

It should be smooth blog sailing now in my new home, so stick with me and enjoy the ride.

{woman on the phone found here}

Walking in the Mushroom Forest

I went for a stroll today with Goose Girl and she found a mushroom forest to walk in. She loved the smell of the damp earth around her feet as she tip-toed through the forest and decided to cut a mushroom down and bring it back for her dinner with foxy.

She said she was going to make a sauteed onion, pepper and mushroom hoagie, smothered in cheese for dinner, because that is one of Foxy’s favourites, even if the cheese does stick to his whiskers!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Yesterday we left our little farm cottage and headed home, back to our own cottage. I grabbed my camera from the kitchen table, while Foxy was finishing his packing, as I wanted to take a few more photos before we had to catch our train.

So, goodbye to the morning mist across the fields, that dampened my face as I spread our leftover pieces of toast onto the bird table in the morning. Goodbye, to my little moo cow painting that greeted me while I had my tea and goodbye to the teddy bear face hidden in the beam, that smiled at me while I sat in front of the fire:

The Teddy Bear Beam

Goodbye Mr. Bumblebee, I will miss your buzz, buzz, buzzing in the herb garden while I go about my day:

Mr Bumblebee

Goodbye my evergreens, I can’t wait to come back so I can collect your miniature pine cones to decorate my own little cottage with:


Goodbye Spring blossoms and Mr. & Mrs. Robin, who sung so sweetly to me in the light of dawn and as the light faded into dusk:

Mr. and Mrs. Robin

Until we meet again, goodbye little cottage in the countryside, I shall miss you!