I looked at the weather report and what does it say for the next 10 days? Rain! I don’t want rain, I want to look out my window and see snow. Oh, Mother Nature, hear my plea, please bring snow to me! 

I am only a few days in to the new school term and I already need a break. I am ready for a day to snuggle up under blankets, put on my twinkle lights and watch a holiday movie.

I know, I know, I am sorry for all of you who are cringing right now, Christmas is probably long gone in your house, but in mine I always have to keep one small bit of Christmas out all year long, just something teeny tiny. And, since we were having work done to our little cottage in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I only got to put out one teeny tiny tree and I haven’t been up the attic to put it back yet. So, that little miniature tree is bringing me joy on these dark nights.

I also have not gotten around to putting away my Christmas movies, and since I go to work before the sun rises and come home long after the sun has set, I am going to keep those movies out for a small while longer. Because, Judy Garland crooning away on my TV in “Meet Me in St. Louis”, a good blanket, the glow of a candle and Mr. Michie next to me, just makes me happy! So, please bring on the snow, I am ready!(Image found on Flickr)