Where has the Summer gone? It doesn’t seem like there has been much of one this year, it has all whirled by too fast! I still can’t get used to how short the English Summer Holiday is; a little more than a month off from school just does not feel long enough for me! It always seems so promising at the beginning, this vast space of time ahead of you, but it quickly disappears.

Last night in preparation for the big day, the usual routines started again: I made sure there was no specific laundry that needed to be done for today, got the Emma Bridgewater Dinosaur lunchbox out from the pantry and put in the banana, freshly made rice-krispie treat, and potato chips (the sandwich came today) along with a little love note.

When my mom made my lunch and she hid a note in there for me, well, those were special days. That was the thing that always made a difference in your day, the one thing that could turn a blue day sunny again opening your lunch box or sometimes brown bag and finding that note tucked inside. Happiness is….

The house is too quiet today, I am more than ready for 3:40 to roll around and I will have noise once more. Here’s to the First Day of School!