While perusing the Internet for some information on Granny Square patterns one thing led to another as it inevitably does and I found a new site, it is called Red Shoes. The woman who writes this Blog has a store in Ann Arbor, Mi. I have always been aware of what an artsy town it is, but somehow I missed this: Fairy Doors.

A number of stores in the town are participating in an Urban Fairy Project, in which they have created doors for the Fairies to enter their premises. I know, I know, I have a real thing for gnomes and this is something that falls in line with that. I would be crazy enough to have something like this near my front door. I love the whimsical appeal of it, and the imaginative ideas it sparks in the children who see it (big and little children). To have your very own Borrowers’ entrance.

I am sure the Borrowers in my house would appreciate that, there are some things I wouldn’t mind having back if they are done with them, because I have been on the hunt all summer for one item in particular, I can’t find it anywhere! My only conclusion is that they are using it at the moment, maybe they won’t need it anymore when the weather gets cooler?

I am attaching the article that featured her “door” and a website that includes the maps and locations of other fairy doors.



I love that once you are inside her door continues right through the wall and into the store, what imagination!

(All pictures featured were “borrowed” from the urban-fairies website)