This morning I was up early and went out to water my flowers while it was still quiet out. The sun was bright white and shining, there was a crispy chill in the air and it definitely felt like fall. I came back in and made a cup of tea and flipped on the TV.

The “Gilmore Girls” was on, it was “The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton” episode, which seemed entirely appropriate for the Autumnal weather and Back-to-School week we have had.

I loved this show, and I adore the fact that they put reruns on the TV in England (a little piece of home). Stars Hollow is a town I could live in. It is adorably quaint and charming and the perfect looking New England village. Inhabited with crazy locals and a fantastic diner.

Is it wrong to want to live in TV Land? This show always seems perfect for “Fall Watching”. Stars Hollow is always wonderfully decorated for every season. Which is something we do well at home, there is not a lot of decorating going on for the seasons in our little London suburb. But, that is OK, because our house is always decorated for every season.

The “Gilmore Girls” set goes along with the “Baby Boom” set, another house and town I could jump right in to. I am ready to start picking apples, drive my waggoner into town for supplies and just drink in fall.

(Photos were taken from the Lauren Graham Appreciation Site)