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Thanksgiving Pins

Just a few things that have caught my eye lately:

Jennifer Michie Thanksgiving Pins

1. An adorable turkey by the lovely Jennifer Murphy // And other silly things…
2. Roasted turkey, cranberry and brie grilled cheese // Heather Christo
3. Blushing Pumpkin // French Kissed
4. 30 Table Ideas // Style me Pretty
5. Cranberry Sorbet Champagne Fizz // Annie’s Eats
6. Spice Pumpkin Layer Cake // Annie’s Eats
7. Thanksgiving Tablescapes // Cottage & Vine

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The First Day of December

Jennifer Michie Advent 2013

I have a pumpkin pie in the oven, bread torn and drying out, ready to be turned into stuffing, Christmas music playing and I am cleaning the house and beginning to put away Fall in preparation for decorating for Christmas.

This afternoon we will celebrate Thanksgiving. We are a few days late, but it still counts!

I can’t believe that today marks the first day of Advent and the first day of December. Where has this year gone? It seems to have vanished with a blink of an eye! We are trying to keep things a bit more simplified this year. We even bought a chocolate Advent calendar instead of using Eglantine.

Which doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but it is for me. I love Christmas! Our house is usually decorated within every square inch of itself. However, I don’t think it will be that way this year. I love my new job, but it is keeping me very occupied. So something’s gotta give somewhere and that means that this year we are keeping the house decorating elegant yet simple.

Thanksgiving Pins

Look what I’ve been pinning lately:

Jennifer Michie Thanksgiving Pins

1. Thanksgiving Luminaries by Creature Comforts
2. Thanksgiving Florals, Design Sponge
3. Spiced Pumpkin Layer Cake, Annie’s Eats
4. Cranberry Orange Sherbet, Vintage Mixer
5. Sweet Potato Pie, Joy the Baker

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A Turkey Sandwich

My Monday wish came true, I got to eat a turkey sandwich! This year, that is all I truly wanted out of Thanksgiving, was a turkey sandwich and a slice of pumpkin pie. We left work last night in the pouring rain and got soaking wet waiting for the bus, I don’t know if my jacket will ever dry out! We came in, took off our wet clothes, threw on some pj bottoms and sweatshirts and heated up a little spinach and artichoke dip.

We snacked on that and talked about our day, then we worked on making some turkey sandwiches. I sliced the bread while Mr. Michie picked out a Christmas movie. It had been a long day, so we decided to just keep vegging out and stayed on the couch under our quilt to eat our delectable sandwiches made with the Thanksgiving leftovers and watched The Santa Claus. Our evening would not have been complete if we didn’t eat a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream of course!

Today was such a long day, I am already ready for the weekend again, crazy isn’t it!

A Thanksgiving Sunday

The candles are lit, an old Christmas movie is on at the moment, we are going to dig out Home for the Holidays later (a must to watch!), a turkey is roasting in the oven, my stuffing is going in soon. We have a little spinach and artichoke dip to snack on this afternoon that I made last night and our pumpkin pie is ready. We are going to celebrate Thanksgiving today and enjoy every moment of it!

Pioneer Woman

I am a pioneer woman. All the women in my family are. We travel where our lives take us and we keep the home fires burning. My mother and her mother before that and her mother before that and so on have given me that gift, I am fortunate and I mean this with every ounce of humbleness, I am a good homemaker. I know how to keep a home and how to make a home, they have bestowed that blessing on me.

However, I am lucky in that, I am a modern pioneer woman, I am a pioneer woman with Skype. On this day before Thanksgiving when I can’t be with my family, I am blessed that I can see their beautiful faces.

It is not always easy being apart from them, but I am married now and wherever Mr. Michie is, is HOME. I am so fortunate, that when I packed up my wagon and headed in my case east  vs. the west of wagons ho, I knew that it was not forever, to never ever see my family again. Those were brave women, to leave behind everything they knew, for a new world.

As you pack up your wagons to travel to family and friends this holiday season, I pray that you are well and your journeys safe.

{Image from Ox Cart Man}

Caramel Pumpkin Pots

I pinned this awhile ago, but today I seem to be craving all things pumpkin. In fact, I have been craving pumpkin for the past few days. I almost bought a slice of pumpkin pie at Whole Foods on Saturday, but I just couldn’t. I am being a purist about it, my first taste of pumpkin pie will be my own pie that I make for Thanksgiving. I am more than ready for that taste.

I love the turkey and the cranberry sauce and the stuffing and the sweet potato souffle and all the other sides, but the pumpkin pie could just be my favorite part of the entire meal.

It is even better the next morning for breakfast with a good cup of coffee and as you scoop out a little bit of whipped cream to dollop on the side of your pie, another little dollop ends up going into your coffee too, or better yet, sneaking a little bit of vanilla ice cream in your coffee, oh heaven!

If I could, I would be making these tonight.

{Image and recipe, Bakers Royale}


Foxy Whipped CreamWell, we are thankful for many things this month. Most notably, getting to share a Thanksgiving feast with the Michie’s. We stuffed ourselves with turkey and cornbread dressing and mashed potatoes and green beans with roasted peppers.

Our contribution to dinner was dessert. Pies are a specialty of mine and I got to work rolling out my dough. I cut stars to go around the edge and GiGi helped me make the pumpkin filling. The house was filled with the scents of cinnamon and pumpkin baking into a lovely custardy pie. The smell filled every nook and cranny of the cottage, it definitely felt like Fall.

GG Whipped Cream

As it was in the oven, we went to work making the whipped cream to serve alongside it. GiGi added in the sugar and vanilla and I did all the whipping. After it began to get fluffy, I dived in for a taste test, my paws and whiskers were covered with luscious cream! It was delicious.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of my finished pie, topped with lashings of billowy whipped cream, for by the time we ate dessert, we were all to stuffed, to happy and enjoying each other’s company too much to take a picture. Alas, it is a memory only for us to relish. I hope all of you have had a lovely November, Christmas is soon on its way.