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A Vintage Day Out

On Saturday, Mr. Michie took me down to Southbank to the Vintage Fair.  We had so much fun, it was like stepping through the looking glass, but instead of ending up in Wonderland, I ended up in the fabulous 1940’s & 50’s.

I didn’t know where to look first, there were amazing stands everywhere. Selling everything from fashion to furniture, to home wares, to accessories. I found a few little surprises and some things to tuck away for Christmas.

There was a stand where you could get your make-up done as a pin-up girl and another stand where you could have your hair pinned up in any decade’s style. There were some stunning looking hairdos walking out of that stand. I was so tempted, but I knew Mr. Michie had been a good sport long enough. So off we headed to walk down by the river and stroll into Covent Garden where a certain French cafe beckoned us to tea on a deliciously sunny afternoon.

P.S. Goose Girl & Foxy came too, go to their blog to read about their adventures….

Painted Piggies

This morning I had a little girl time all to myself and got my toes painted! I was in the mood for a coral or a nice peachy tone, but then this color from the OPI “Pirates of the Caribbean” collection, jumped out at me. I would not normally choose this, but I was in a quirky mood and it just fit, I love it:

Color:  Planks A Lot by OPI (Please excuse the chubby piggies)

I am also off to visit this tomorrow, with Mr. Michie. It was just going to be the two of us, but GiGi & Foxy asked if they could come along, so it looks like a double date:

I can’t wait, I plan to bore you with all my pictures next week! Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

Goose Girl

Meet Goose Girl:

Goose girl was born on a farm in the Cotswolds. She comes from a long line of Goose women, but she wanted something more. She loved Art and growing up she could often be found sketching the scenery and the geese she should be tending to in an Impressionistic style (she has a true love of Monet and visits his home in France whenever she can).

An opportunity arose for her to take Art History classes in London and while on the train down she met Foxy.  The two unlikely friends hit it off immediately and decided to stick together.  She loves museums (primarily the Victoria & Albert Museum), rainbows, gardening and riding her bike through London as often as she can. She travels around the world with Foxy any time her schedule allows it.

(The Adventures of Goose Girl & Foxy Coming Soon…)


Meet Foxy:

A country boy at heart, Foxy grew up in the hills of the countryside, living a very simple life. But, the call of the “Bright City Lights” became too much.

He’s now a central London kinda chap and loves nothing more than to stroll down to Camden Market on a Saturday and take in the view of the lock while munching away on delicious food from one of the many vendors (noodles are his genuine preference). He loves to go antiquing; collecting fox figurines is a particular hobby of his, especially if they are in riding attire.

He adores nothing more than visiting a good museum, reading a book, going on an outing to the zoo, having dinner with Goose Girl, or GiGi as he fondly calls her and travelling around as often as his busy schedule allows him.

(The Adventures of Goose Girl & Foxy Coming Soon…)

A Week to Party

This week is a big week! It is the week of my Birthday! I am so excited. I will have a mini celebration during the week, but Mr. Michie is taking me out at the weekend to celebrate however I wish, although I know he has a few ideas of his own up his sleeve.

I have asked to go to Camden Market, eat some lunch, sit on a “vespa” seat and watch the water go by and do a little antiquing. There is a stall there that sells vintage suitcases and I have had my eye on a few! I can’t wait.

Tomorrow, I plan to work on making my Birthday cake. Goose Girl & Foxy have asked if they can help, I would love their input.  I am busy working away on their new blog, with their help of course! I have put up the bios they gave me, however, Foxy thinks he might want to change a few things, he is very fussy. So, stay tuned I think they will want to show you their bios very soon….

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