A Week to Party

This week is a big week! It is the week of my Birthday! I am so excited. I will have a mini celebration during the week, but Mr. Michie is taking me out at the weekend to celebrate however I wish, although I know he has a few ideas of his own up his sleeve.

I have asked to go to Camden Market, eat some lunch, sit on a “vespa” seat and watch the water go by and do a little antiquing. There is a stall there that sells vintage suitcases and I have had my eye on a few! I can’t wait.

Tomorrow, I plan to work on making my Birthday cake. Goose Girl & Foxy have asked if they can help, I would love their input.  I am busy working away on their new blog, with their help of course! I have put up the bios they gave me, however, Foxy thinks he might want to change a few things, he is very fussy. So, stay tuned I think they will want to show you their bios very soon….

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2 thoughts on “A Week to Party

  1. MerrieSherrie

    Happy, happy birthday, Jenny!! Party the whole week and even let it spill over to next week…with the girlfriends! Our anniversary is tomorrow (14th) and we are ready to party too! We are headed out of town, but will search out a very arty locale and toast you!!! Hugs, Sherry xx

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