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Hanging Out

I hope that you all had a lovely Easter? We did, although it didn’t feel much like an Easter Sunday in the South, as we were cold and rainy in our neck of the woods!

I am going to take a break here for a little bit and enjoy the rest of my Easter Holiday with Mr. Michie.

While, I am out and about hanging out with him, Goose Girl & Foxy have kindly agreed to take over for me and they will be posting in my absence.

Have a wonderful, wonderful week and I will see y’all in a few days….

(Image: LIFE)

Goose Girl & Foxy Day One:

P.S. GiGi has informed that she was up early with the chickens and has already put up a small post, click the image below to go to their site!

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Easter Time Rag

Goose Girl & Foxy have been busy getting ready for their annual Easter Egg Hunt at the farm cottage and they sent me a little video on what they have been working on.

I didn’t think it was too bad for Foxy’s first attempt at filming!


P.S. Foxy has shared with me that he has done an entire write up of the event over on their blog that he will post on Easter Sunday. So please head over there and check it out. He was almost done writing it and planned to put it up today along with some images, but his typewriter ran out of ribbon, so he took himself off to the store to procure some more. He likes working on a typewriter, he is old-fashioned like that…The Adventures of Goose Girl & Foxy

(P.S.S. You can click on the video to watch it on a bigger screen)


Easter Time Rag from Jennifer Michie on Vimeo.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

One of my St. Patrick’s Day traditions, is to watch this movie! It doesn’t get better than this! Sean Connery singing, leprechauns, the Irish countryside, the banshee, the fiddle playing…Darby O’Gill and the Little People, is always worth a watch!

I wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And hope that good fortune comes your way today!

Goose Girl & Foxy have been busy today too, be sure to check on them:

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A Bonsai Tree House

Maybe it is because I am a child of the 80’s, I grew up watching the Karate Kid and seeing Mr. Miyagi carefully tend to his bonsai trees, or maybe it is because I love all things miniature, or maybe the answer is simply because gardening is in my blood and I have a thing for trees, but the art of bonsai has always fascinated me.

I spotted these today while reading one of my favorite artsy blogs, Colossal. I think they are unbelievably beautiful, artful, imaginative and if I was the size of Goose Girl & Foxy they would be the perfect little hideaway.

Created through a variety of materials they come out of the imagination of Japanese artist Takanori Aiba. Who has combined his talent and knowledge of labyrinth design and architecture to manipulate the trees and bring these scenes to life.

The Anatomy of a Christmas Card

Last year, due to the general craziness of school, the cottage being painted and other things going on, I never mailed out Christmas cards. Instead I made, “Happy New Year” cards in January and mailed those out. Since we were already being non-traditional, we kept it that way and had our design printed up on postcards with envelopes to mail them in.

I had so much fun doing that, that this year, I decided that I would do it again. I created a design to fit on a postcard and this time I had the help of Mr. Michie, Goose Girl & Foxy.

I gathered up a few of my Christmas items, GiGi & Foxy invited over some gnomes and deer to the party and we got to work.

We set up a green screen, laid down “snow” and set up lighting. It was a regular little photography studio we had going on here.

We posed everyone in different positions, until we found one that would work best, after going through all the proofs, we picked a few images to work with and got going.

Through Photoshop, I extracted out the background, placed in an image we found, that seemed to work in harmony with everything else and adjusted the lighting, placed an overlay on the top, to create a frosty feel and added in a “Merry Christmas” banner, drawn by Mr. Michie.

We designed a back for the postcard as well, with a small Christmas message and a vintage picture of Santa. This was a project I truly enjoyed working on and I can’t wait till next year, I already have ideas like sugarplums dancing in my head!!

(My work is my own, please do not use it for your own purposes! Thank you.)

The Pumpkin Patch

This morning, Goose Girl showed me the gorgeous fat little pumpkin that Foxy picked out for her from the gnomes’ pumpkin patch.

As we enjoyed a mug of warm apple cider together, Foxy was busily working away on a post for tomorrow, all about their trip to the Fair.

Click on the image below to keep checking in with them, because they have been up to a few things this week….

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Catching Up

Have you caught up with Goose Girl & Foxy lately? They have been on a few summer adventures before we all went back to school on Monday.

They told me they will have more stories to share soon, but I think this week has just taken it out of them with all the early school mornings!

Head over and see what they are up to: