Goose Girl

Meet Goose Girl:

Goose girl was born on a farm in the Cotswolds. She comes from a long line of Goose women, but she wanted something more. She loved Art and growing up she could often be found sketching the scenery and the geese she should be tending to in an Impressionistic style (she has a true love of Monet and visits his home in France whenever she can).

An opportunity arose for her to take Art History classes in London and while on the train down she met Foxy.  The two unlikely friends hit it off immediately and decided to stick together.  She loves museums (primarily the Victoria & Albert Museum), rainbows, gardening and riding her bike through London as often as she can. She travels around the world with Foxy any time her schedule allows it.

(The Adventures of Goose Girl & Foxy Coming Soon…)