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The First Day Back

Jennifer Michie Still Life 2014

The first day back to school after a break is always the longest. It has been a very busy day with lots of exam prep! The theme for the first exam is “Tools”. So I put together a different still life in each studio. Above is a close-up of one of them. I was so happy to find that blue and white stripped ribbon, it fit perfectly into the nozzle of that vintage watering can and swirled very gracefully around the other objects.

I’m pooped, but nothing that a slice of pie can’t cure! Happy Monday!

The First Day Back

Jennifer Michie February 24

The first 4:45 wake-up in over a week! I don’t know what was worse, the fact that the alarm was going off or that I was lying there waiting for it to happen, watching the minutes slowly tick away.

It was cool here this morning and something happened in my week off, the sky has started to brighten earlier than before. One week ago it was still dark on my journey in, this morning the sky was ribboned with pale blues, blush pinks, violet purples, mangos and gold. Spring is coming!

It was a long day back, the first day always is. I stayed late, got caught in rush hour tube traffic. I was pushed, smushed and stomped on. I’m telling ya mean people are MEAN! I then had to walk home in the rain and got absolutely soaked through! Well it can only getter better from here, right? RIGHT!

P.S. This was my calendar page this morning, it made me smile! I hope it makes you smile too!

Painting Film

Jennifer Michie Painted Film Strip

Today I got to help with a group of students who are creating an abstract film that will be shown in London alongside the school orchestra’s performance of an Elgar piece.

The film will be projected on to a screen in the back of the church and will appear as a moving abstract piece of stained glass.

First things first, the students were painting strips of film that will be digitized so they can more easily manipulate them to process and edit their final films.

As this is a medium I have not worked in before, I was very eager to give it a try myself. This is the closest I will ever come to being the cel painter I always dreamed of being at Disney. The strip I was working on was almost 10 feet in length, yet this will only equivalate to about 10 seconds of actual film time. I hung up my strip to finish drying when I was done alongside everyone else’s, now on to the next phase…

Tuesday’s Gone

Jennifer Michie Sparkle Santa

Well, we’re in the home stretch, the last week of school before Christmas break! I can’t wait. However, so much seems to have happened yesterday that I can’t believe it is only Tuesday! Deep breaths, we’ll get there in the end!

Back to School

Vintage Peter Pan Peanut Butter Ad

It was an early rise this morning as we head off to school for our first day after Fall Break. Mr. Michie made a pot of coffee, I worked on some breakfast (peanut butter toast) and we had a few minutes just to us this morning. The first day back is always a long one. So, here’s to a good day that flies by, so I can come home and snuggle with Mr. Michie.

A Lesson in Welding

Vintage Welder

I am so excited! I get to go on a welding course tonight for school, so I can learn how to use the arc welder and the mig welder! My Dad has already given me a blow-by-blow of how each one works (I don’t know what he doesn’t know!) and I am tres excited to start making some sparks fly.

I think we all know what is coming next, there is only one great welding, dancing, based in the great city of Pittsburgh movie that I know of, cue Flashdance:

Hope you have a very happy Monday, wherever you may be today!



Hey, its Wednesday today, that means we are half way to the weekend! School is in full swing now and I am staying busy, busy, busy at the moment. But, I love it!

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The First Week

Barbeque Breakfast 1946 itsbetterthanbad

Although, I had been in last week, learning the ropes, this was the first official week back for everyone at my new school. This afternoon we will celebrate with a staff barbeque and then Mr. Michie is coming to meet me and sweep me off to dinner somewhere nice to celebrate the first official school week for both of us.

I still can’t believe that I am working in such a marvelous place, what a lucky girl I am!

Here’s to the weekend!

{Image: It’s Better Than Bad}

First Day

Little Girl 1959 itsbetterthanbad

As I normally do, I will start school earlier than the students, but this time I will be walking through a different set of gates.

Today is my FIRST DAY of school! I am excited and nervous all in one! Wish me luck, because here I go…

{image: It’s Better Than Bad}

Last Day

Dale Irby Gym Teacher PhotosOn the last day of school we always have a celebration, there is still a 1/2 day to go, but I won’t be there, I will have said my goodbyes, packed up my things, left the cupboard in better shape then I found it and walked away. Not, my last time through those school gates, I am sure, as I will still drop by to see Mr. Michie.

I won’t be there tomorrow because my two weeks notice will have run its course and I will be on an early morning flight heading home. A rare chance to see my family. A few short weeks with them and then I am back home to Mr. Michie and off to work. I will now be walking through a different set of gates in the morning and I will be relishing in this opportunity that I have been given.

Although, they have yearbooks at our school it is not the type of yearbook that I grew up with. There are no individual photos of staff members or students, instead it is all done by group staff photos and class photos.

But, as I am American and this is my last day of school, I thought that the above image was befitting. Dale Irby, a Gym Teacher in Texas took a staff photo in 1973 and by accident wore the same outfit to his school photo the following year. His wife dared him to do it again and just like a guy, he took that dare. Forty years later, he has worn the same outfit in every yearbook picture.

So, here’s to the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another. And here’s to teachers who even after 40 years still have a sense of humor!