Painting Film

Jennifer Michie Painted Film Strip

Today I got to help with a group of students who are creating an abstract film that will be shown in London alongside the school orchestra’s performance of an Elgar piece.

The film will be projected on to a screen in the back of the church and will appear as a moving abstract piece of stained glass.

First things first, the students were painting strips of film that will be digitized so they can more easily manipulate them to process and edit their final films.

As this is a medium I have not worked in before, I was very eager to give it a try myself. This is the closest I will ever come to being the cel painter I always dreamed of being at Disney. The strip I was working on was almost 10 feet in length, yet this will only equivalate to about 10 seconds of actual film time. I hung up my strip to finish drying when I was done alongside everyone else’s, now on to the next phase…