Dale Irby Gym Teacher PhotosOn the last day of school we always have a celebration, there is still a 1/2 day to go, but I won’t be there, I will have said my goodbyes, packed up my things, left the cupboard in better shape then I found it and walked away. Not, my last time through those school gates, I am sure, as I will still drop by to see Mr. Michie.

I won’t be there tomorrow because my two weeks notice will have run its course and I will be on an early morning flight heading home. A rare chance to see my family. A few short weeks with them and then I am back home to Mr. Michie and off to work. I will now be walking through a different set of gates in the morning and I will be relishing in this opportunity that I have been given.

Although, they have yearbooks at our school it is not the type of yearbook that I grew up with. There are no individual photos of staff members or students, instead it is all done by group staff photos and class photos.

But, as I am American and this is my last day of school, I thought that the above image was befitting. Dale Irby, a Gym Teacher in Texas took a staff photo in 1973 and by accident wore the same outfit to his school photo the following year. His wife dared him to do it again and just like a guy, he took that dare. Forty years later, he has worn the same outfit in every yearbook picture.

So, here’s to the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another. And here’s to teachers who even after 40 years still have a sense of humor!