Hello, February! This month you usher in a birthday for one of my most cherished loved ones. You bring us Valentine’s Day and all the red, pink and white love and fun that goes with giving sweet surprises to family and friends. I’m ready for heart shaped desserts and more dinners by candlelight and steaming cups of hot chocolate with a stack of pancakes.

I’m ready for more music and dancing around the kitchen while we make dinner. I’m ready for a week off from school for winter break. I’m ready to still relish in winter, itself! I’m not wishing it away yet. I like these quieter moments. It’s a time to reflect, to be still, to recover from the hectic start to the year and to prepare for more of the year ahead.

So, February, we are ready for you and all that you hold and it would be even better if you could kiss us with snow! At least once! 💙

{Image Phoebe Wahl // Pinned HERE}