Jayne Mansfield Christmas Tree

Well, for one reason or another this week has gotten away from me. I did take down all my Fall decorations, but they are waiting to be put into the attic and my Christmas things are waiting to be taken down. So tonight, when I get in from work, I plan to dust and vacuum and get everything in order for Saturday morning.

I have decorating to complete this weekend, and a toy to finish sewing and a few more to make, I have Christmas cards I need to start writing and a package to get ready to mail to someone special. And, in all of this I want to make sure that I take a bit of time to breath, because I haven’t been able to do that this week.

Here’s to the weekend! For with it comes the glow of twinkle lights from our soon to be festive holiday cottage!

P.S. Happy St. Nicholas Day! I hope you were good and he left a little surprise in your shoe!