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Goodbye, November

We cast off the last day of November with a full moon overhead, sprinkling moonbeams down upon us on this crisp and clear night.

And we leave November with a fresh wreath hung on the door as we ready ourselves for a season of magic.

It’s Beginning to…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our little cottage. The candles are lit, the decorations are hung, Christmas music is playing and my little lady’s risengrød is almost ready for the Nisse.

Risengrød is Danish for “rice pudding”. Eating rice pudding as part of your Christmas meal and making a bowl as a gift for your Nisse is a Danish tradition. My friend R.’s sister lives in Denmark and around this time of year we would always talk about leaving out our little bowls of risengrød for the Nisse.  I think R. might have been a pixie himself, there was always a twinkle in his eyes.

You want to keep your Nisse happy you see, especially at this time of year, or they’ll play all kinds of little jokes on you. Nisse love to tease! Our Nisse is usually very well behaved, but I know he’s been up to some kind of magic in the cottage lately. I heard laughing the other morning and came down to find that he had been feasting on a bowl of Christmas candy I had set out. A pile of foil wrappers littered the floor and a little trail of chocolate crumbs was leading away from it.

I’ve been very lucky this year because my little lady is making us a big patch of risengrød to put up in the attic for him. I prefer keeping him happy as I don’t want him to get up to too much mischief! 


Jennifer Michie ME Christmas What?

I think I felt like this for about 5 minutes Saturday morning and then we took a deep breath, started to clean and got out the decorations!

Making Plans

Jayne Mansfield Christmas Tree

Well, for one reason or another this week has gotten away from me. I did take down all my Fall decorations, but they are waiting to be put into the attic and my Christmas things are waiting to be taken down. So tonight, when I get in from work, I plan to dust and vacuum and get everything in order for Saturday morning.

I have decorating to complete this weekend, and a toy to finish sewing and a few more to make, I have Christmas cards I need to start writing and a package to get ready to mail to someone special. And, in all of this I want to make sure that I take a bit of time to breath, because I haven’t been able to do that this week.

Here’s to the weekend! For with it comes the glow of twinkle lights from our soon to be festive holiday cottage!

P.S. Happy St. Nicholas Day! I hope you were good and he left a little surprise in your shoe!

Our Christmas Cottage

We finished decorating the cottage today, just in time for the first day of Advent. Our wreath is  out and our purple candle lit. We usually don’t decorate this early, I would normally start getting things out by the second week of December, but with all the craziness of school at the moment, I knew if we didn’t do it now, we wouldn’t have the chance to do it.

Mr. Michie said I was like a Christmas Fairy, sprinkling the house with Christmas here and there. I will admit, every room has a bit of Christmas in it, it just has too! I thought I would share a couple of photos we took, while we were decorating.

I hope that you are enjoying today, wherever you may be and that peace is with you as we move into the season of Christmas.

The First of October

The first of October is upon us. Autumn is officially here in my book. We cleaned the house this weekend from top to bottom and decorated for Fall, it just feels so cozy! Mr. Michie and I sat down when we had finally finished (he is a good helper around the house) and watched a movie, ate some popcorn and drank hot apple cider, a perfect Saturday night!

Upside Down

Ages ago, my Mom sent me this adorable Betty Crocker “Apple Pie” candle and I have yet to burn it. I couldn’t bring myself to do it, as it was so adorably packaged.

But, last night, I lit it and I knew it needed to sit on something cute in my kitchen. So, I looked around, I don’t have any mini cupcake stands, but I knew I needed something like that.

I suddenly spied what I needed, it is an old glass egg cup, I use for tea lights or to put flowers in, that turned upside down was the perfect “cake stand”.

Looking at something in a different way, always sheds new light on the situation, don’t you think?

Winter Birds

I have finally taken down all my twinkle lights and did a little “Spring Cleaning” in the house last week, but, it is still Winter time to me. There are still frosty mornings yet to come, chilly nights and starry skies yet to be had and I thought it only appropriate that my little winter birds continue to stay out and grace us with their presence.

They make me smile every time I look at them and they are particularly cozy to look at, while listening to Classic FM on my old radio, watching the candle flicker and drinking tea. Happiness is a little pair of winter birds…

A Little Pixie Dust

This little pixie elf is making me smile today. Hillary’s blog always makes me smile. When I can get to my felt again, I want to try my hand at making a little version of her for myself.

I know she would cheer up any little place she rested and I bet she has plenty of pixie dust hidden up her sleeve for a little Christmas magic!

Be sure to check out Hillary’s gorgeous website Wee Wonderfuls and book!