The First of September

Today, ushers in the First day of September. The weekend has brought with it, our first taste of Autumn. The days have been sunny and cool, while the nights have held a chill. Last night, we smelled our first fire of the year as one of our neighbours had a cozy fire smouldering away in their grate, inaugurating the beginning of the Autumnal season.

This week will bring with it warmer weather again, but now that I have had this small tang of Autumn on my tongue, I want more. I am ready for pumpkins and crunchy leaves and crisp apples and the shadows to change.

One of my most favorite movies, with an absolute stellar cast is, On Golden Pond. The main theme holds the essence of Fall for me. I can see the loons on the lake, the sunset hues of leaves dotted around and the sound of the water lapping against the shore. The perfect place to canoe to a small island on the lake, have a lazy afternoon picnic and row home for a cozy night in.

2 thoughts on “The First of September

  1. Sharrie

    Oh my! Here in north Texas it was 104 degrees! Bring on the cooler weather. Our fall is a “longer” period, though, and the garden will rebound and bloom here in September, October, and November until the first frost.

    1. jennifermichie Post author

      It must be magic to continually have your garden like that as you go into Fall. Oh, the thought of 104 degrees, it makes me think of home this time of year, South Carolina would be hot still, but not as hot as Texas! I don’t think England would know what to do with itself if it hit 104 degrees here! They seem to fade when it gets above 80, it just makes the Southern girl in my smile!

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