We had a wonderful, wonderful weekend this past weekend. We got to spend Sunday with friends who came all the way from Colorado! It was a miracle they made it out!

They are on a little traveling adventure and spent some of their very valuable time with us. We were simply thrilled! The world is a better place with kindred spirits in it. My girlfriend even brought me a few surprises, one of them being the lovely Susan Branch’s new book:

A Fine Romance Susan Branch

Oh! Happiness is!

The weather has taken a definite turn toward Autumn this past weekend and when I left the house yesterday morning to head to the train station it was a brisk 45 F!

The sunlight is changing too. While working in the main studio I noticed that the shadows were different. The room felt cooler with the light not streaming through as strongly as it had been a week before. It made me think of Wyeth, I think he would have liked painting in the main studio yesterday!

Cranberries, 1966

Cranberries, 1966

Last night we feasted on grilled cheese and tomato soup. I picked up a can of soup on my way home. I’m a Campbell’s girl and they had limited edition Andy Warhol’s “Soup Cans” as their design, so of course, that is what jumped into my basket. I think the soup even tasted better because it looked like an Andy Warhol can! Cute!

Jennifer Michie Tomato Soup