What a Week!

Going Away Party 1950 itsbetterthanbad

Well, we made it! And what a week it has been! I am looking forward to 1/2 term break next week. A whole week just to ourselves! I have a few things on the agenda, but just resting is one of them, as both of us are fighting off colds. It isn’t easy to stay well at the moment, especially when it is almost the end of May and there is snow predicted for this evening, or at the very least slushy rain (so the weatherman says)!

My little heater is on next to me as I type, as I am trying to keep warm, but I am not sure how much of a difference it is making, it all feels very Dickensian.

There are a few new recipes I want to try next week, one being an Italian Cream Cake for our wedding anniversary. At the moment we are thinking that a romantic quiet night in, sounds like a prefect way to celebrate our anniversary, with good Italian food, wine, music and dessert!

In the mean time we just have to survive Friday.┬áSo, here’s to the weekend and long may it last!

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