Jennifer Michie Spring Cake

Today was Mr. Michie’s last class with his Year 13 Media students. They traditionally have a cake day once a week and the last one was his to do.

I normally do Mr. Michie’s baking for those days and last night we made a 3 tiered vanilla cake with a whipped cream and cream cheese frosting. We slathered the frosting on each layer and then packed it full of strawberries, before putting more frosting on top to keep the next cake held in place.

All of the kids loved it! There was one layer left over from my baking as my little European fridge could not have handled a 4 tiered cake, we almost didn’t get the 3 tiered one in! So with the leftover layer, I spread the remaining frosting on it and piled it high with our first real strawberries of the season and fresh blueberries.

It was the perfect dessert!