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The First Strawberries of the Season

Jennifer Michie Spring Cake

Today was Mr. Michie’s last class with his Year 13 Media students. They traditionally have a cake day once a week and the last one was his to do.

I normally do Mr. Michie’s baking for those days and last night we made a 3 tiered vanilla cake with a whipped cream and cream cheese frosting. We slathered the frosting on each layer and then packed it full of strawberries, before putting more frosting on top to keep the next cake held in place.

All of the kids loved it! There was one layer left over from my baking as my little European fridge could not have handled a 4 tiered cake, we almost didn’t get the 3 tiered one in! So with the leftover layer, I spread the remaining frosting on it and piled it high with our first real strawberries of the season and fresh blueberries.

It was the perfect dessert!

Halloween Round-Up

I have been doing a little Halloween reconnaissance today and came across some cute ideas, old and new that I thought I would share with you!

Glittering pumpkins are always beautiful, not just for Halloween, they can carry you through the fall season and adorn your Thanksgiving table, I found these on the beautiful Livy’s blog:

This Candy Corn Mousse, is festively colorful and perfect for a grown-up Halloween get-together with its cheesecake base:

Leave it to Martha to come up with a cute idea for orange balloons! This is a nice thing for little people to have something to take home at the end of your Halloween party. You could even tie a little bag of candy to the bottom, so their pumpkin doesn’t float away:

I love making bark and this Halloween Candy Bark version looks hauntingly delicious:

Bring something home from the Three Broomsticks to your Halloween festivities and make a batch of Butterbeer for all your little witches and wizards:

Use different colored candy melts and your imagination to create spooky Halloween inspired chocolate dipped strawberries:

Hope you found a few bewitching ideas that take your fancy…

(Images courtesy of their respective blogs)

Scrumpious Shortcakes for Weekend Guests!

My in-laws came to visit us this weekend and after a day walking around the gorgeous Cliveden Estate, we headed back to our house for a cozy chicken potpie with mashed potatoes for dinner. It was a perfect meal for such a cold dreary day, but even so it is still Summer and I was determined to have something summery for dessert.

I have made them Southern Shortcakes in the past and they have really enjoyed them. This time however, I decided I would try something different since I had some eggs that needed to be used. So, i discovered this recipe on Betty Crocker’s website. I am fortunate to get some American items at the grocery store here for those moments of homesickness and Bisquick is one of them.

I made this dessert for the weekend, but with slight variations. I made two round cakes and after cooling them, I roughly iced the middle and top and let it chill in the fridge. I made a huge bowl of ripe strawberries with orange zest, and a sprinkling of sugar and another bowl filled with juicy peaches, lemon zest and a hint of sugar, they didn’t need much, the “gorgeous ladies” from France.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, my mother-in-law even asked for seconds and had a piece before they headed home on Sunday! Even though the recipe states that it can be iced and stored for up to 6 hours, it lasted just fine in the fridge for longer than that. Thank goodness there was some left over, it was a delicious Sunday morning breakfast with a cup of tea! Since, it was deemed such a success and the strawberries are juicier than ever, I have made another one to take to a friend’s house for dessert tonight. I have included the recipe below, so I hope you enjoy!