We have been quiet the past two days, just catching up on sleep. Today I am going to attack the house with a vengeance, so I can spend the rest of the week relaxing and doing a few projects I want to do around the house, which will be easier to accomplish with the house organised.

To start the ball rolling for breakfast we had rye bread with cream cheese and cucumber and avocado toppings. It was really delicious. Mr. Michie added some fresh chillies to his avocados, I am not that adventurous in the morning to have done that!

Jennifer Michie Avocado Breakfast

Yesterday we went grocery shopping, while picking up some potatoes, I spotted these:

Jennifer Michie Evangeline Potatoes

a little taste of home, I couldn’t believe it! They are going on the menu this week, we are going to make baked sweet potatoes with something heavenly to go alongside it. After shopping we grabbed a sandwich for lunch and then took a long stroll. We headed over to the pond, but the baby ducklings must have been napping, because they weren’t out and about and their mamas were staying near the reeds keeping a close eye.

We sat on one of the benches and felt the sun on us, what a glorious treat that was, as it was supposed to rain all weekend.

We strolled across the common and through the woods to our other pond and watched the ducks swim around the lilies. After awhile we started walking again, through the woods, across the road and into the other side of the forest.

Heading down one little path, I heard some noise and stopped. I was extra quiet and for the next 15 minutes or so, I watched a little family of baby wood mice run around a rotting tree that had fallen into the woods. They were so cute and fat and furry. They ran in and out of the little holes chasing one another then running through the leaves. It was just the cutest thing.

We were greeted by robins and blue tits and wood pigeons. The sunlight dappled the path, it was just magic. I love sunny days where we walk in our woods, where life is all around if you just take a moment to stop and listen. It is pure and simple happiness.

We picked up some ice cream on the way home and had hot fudge sundaes with salted pecans, whipped cream and fresh raspberries. It was wonderful, the tastes of Summer wrapped up in a bowl!

Jennifer Michie Raspberry Sundaes