Monday, Monday

Well, I was going to share my weekend with you today. But, this Monday has just about killed me. Upon arriving to work this morning and entering the cupboard, I noticed a terribly fishy smell. Literally a fishy smell as there were fish in the fridge in my room that had been brought in to use for life drawing on Friday.

Over the weekend their lovely fish juices began to flow and that coupled with the bit of ice that was still in their bags dripped onto the fridge motor and burned it out, which tripped the fuse in my room, shut the fridge down along with everything else.

So flash forward to today and there has been fish juices and yucky water dripping onto the floor all weekend and not just to any floor, but a heated floor. I could have caught JAWS with the smell of that stuff.

So, on went the gloves, out went the fridge and hot water and bleach went everywhere. I have scrubbed, wiped, sprayed and the smell is still lingering. I even put the fan on high, just to get air moving, as there are no windows in the cupboard.

We all walked around today with our noses scrinched. So, I shall save what I was going to share with you and instead show you the photographs of the fish I took on Friday, as we were documenting them to use for future classes.

As Anne of Green Gables says, “Tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it yet!”, so I’m hoping for a better tomorrow then today has been!