I pinned this awhile ago, but today I seem to be craving all things pumpkin. In fact, I have been craving pumpkin for the past few days. I almost bought a slice of pumpkin pie at Whole Foods on Saturday, but I just couldn’t. I am being a purist about it, my first taste of pumpkin pie will be my own pie that I make for Thanksgiving. I am more than ready for that taste.

I love the turkey and the cranberry sauce and the stuffing and the sweet potato souffle and all the other sides, but the pumpkin pie could just be my favorite part of the entire meal.

It is even better the next morning for breakfast with a good cup of coffee and as you scoop out a little bit of whipped cream to dollop on the side of your pie, another little dollop ends up going into your coffee too, or better yet, sneaking a little bit of vanilla ice cream in your coffee, oh heaven!

If I could, I would be making these tonight.

{Image and recipe, Bakers Royale}