Today was the last day of Summer for us, we went back to school this morning, waiting patiently for the bus, while frost formed from our breath and hung in the air, the morning had a true autumnal feel to it!

Bleary eyed I jumped in the shower after Mr. Michie at 5:30 this morning and proceeded to move about the house very quietly after that, eating my breakfast, listening to Classic FM, and inhaling the scent of Mr. Michie’s coffee brewing.

So, today I said goodbye to: sleeping-in in the mornings; to being able to watch “The Gilmore Girls” while I eat my breakfast; to having the day open to any possibility and to having time just for me.

I am now ready for a constant whirring at work like bees dipping and diving around the hive and the search to find a little calm for my boat in the waving ocean.

But in all my goodbyes to Summer, I now get to say hello to: my students (new and old); to frosty mornings, where we run to the coffee shop before work; to leaves crunching underfoot and soon the orangey glow of pumpkins and so I am ready to embrace autumn.

Goodbye Summer…