Foxy and Smarties Ice Cream

It has been hot off and on here this week. However, there were one or two rainy days that made the temperature drop exceedingly and all I wanted to do was watch Christmas movies and eat popcorn. There is that American tradition of “Christmas in July”, you know…

But, it has gotten warmer again and today my fur has truly heated up as I basked in the sunshine to take a nap. I knew the only way, I was going to cool off was to eat some ice-cream. Lucky for me, Jennifer was on her way to run some errands and kindly agreed to pick up a tub of something cool and ambrosial for me to delve into.

She came back with a tub of whipped vanilla ice-cream that was covered in Smarties. There is nothing better than ice-cream with a little candy on top. I just jumped right in, whiskers first and it was delicious!

I don’t even think I will eat dinner tonight, I just want more ice-cream. But, maybe this time with some chocolate syrup and sprinkles! Heaven!