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Cherry Picking

Goose Girl decided she would join me on my run this morning. But, I lost her as soon as we crossed the footbridge. Once she saw the cherry trees on the other side, dripping with ruby droplets of sweetness, her eyes glazed and that was that.

I finished my run while she stayed to pick the cherries. Her apron was full by the time I swung back that way. She said she’s going to make a cherry pie for Foxy, but she couldn’t decide how elaborate to make her crust? Just a simple top crust with an “X” in the middle, or lattice work, or a top crust decorated with pastry leaves, flowers and cherries, or just to make a crumble topping, or…

Whatever she decides to do, I know Foxy will be very happy.

Easter Time Rag

Goose Girl and I worked very hard this year getting the farm ready for our annual Easter Egg Hunt.

We hid eggs filled with candy surprises all over the farm with a giant gold foil wrapped bunny hidden in a very secret hiding place for one lucky person to find.

The winner of that prize was Molly Moo, she found it just where I had nestled it, in a tree hollow that was slightly covered by daffodils. If she hadn’t had stopped to munch on the daffodils she would not have seen the gold wrapper shimmering at her.

Molly Moo Easter 2012

We had so much fun, a huge turnout, more than we expected! We almost ran out of the sugar cookies Goose Girl made. She cut them into chicks and bunny and egg shapes and decorated them with pastel colored icing and sprinkles, they were very festive!

She laid them out onto platters that rested on tables covered with gingham fabric and decorated with mason jars of spring flowers and giant pitchers of fresh lemonade. That way all the adventurous Easter egg hunters had something to snack on and quench their thirst with after they had worked so hard filling their Easter baskets.

I decided I would make a mini film about some of the Easter preparations that we got up to. This was my first attempt at making a film, it is a little rough here and there, but I am pretty proud of it! We hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Easter!

Easter Time Rag from Jennifer Michie on Vimeo.


Foxy Whipped CreamWell, we are thankful for many things this month. Most notably, getting to share a Thanksgiving feast with the Michie’s. We stuffed ourselves with turkey and cornbread dressing and mashed potatoes and green beans with roasted peppers.

Our contribution to dinner was dessert. Pies are a specialty of mine and I got to work rolling out my dough. I cut stars to go around the edge and GiGi helped me make the pumpkin filling. The house was filled with the scents of cinnamon and pumpkin baking into a lovely custardy pie. The smell filled every nook and cranny of the cottage, it definitely felt like Fall.

GG Whipped Cream

As it was in the oven, we went to work making the whipped cream to serve alongside it. GiGi added in the sugar and vanilla and I did all the whipping. After it began to get fluffy, I dived in for a taste test, my paws and whiskers were covered with luscious cream! It was delicious.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of my finished pie, topped with lashings of billowy whipped cream, for by the time we ate dessert, we were all to stuffed, to happy and enjoying each other’s company too much to take a picture. Alas, it is a memory only for us to relish. I hope all of you have had a lovely November, Christmas is soon on its way.

To the Fair we go…

Foxy to the FairGoose Girl and I have had a bit of a hectic October and I have yet to have a chance to post anything. One thing that has been keeping us very busy is our pumpkin patch. We annually grow pumpkins, cultivating them to be monster sized gourds that we enter in to our local fair every year for the “Giant Pumpkin Contest”.

We have been keeping a close eye on our patch since the weather turned, protecting them when it got too cold at night, we didn’t want a frost to ruin our chances!

The big day was fast approaching and GiGi and I selected the pumpkin we would take with us and kept a very close eye on it as the flesh turned a delicious sunset orange.

On the day of the fair, she helped me tie carrying ropes to our pumpkin as I climbed onto our tractor and drove down our little country road to the fair.

We arrived just in time for the big weigh-in and we came in at a whopping 105lbs. We walked around after that, enjoying a few rides. I love the glimmer and sparkle of all the lights you see at the top of the ferris wheel. I got some pink cotton candy, which stuck to my whiskers and GiGi bought a colossal sized candy apple and a frozen lemonade. We slowly made our way back to the judging tent to see if all the gourds had been weighed in.

They had and there was a prodigious sized blue ribbon on our pumpkin! We won! In all of our worries to make sure we got the pumpkin to the fair safely we forgot to bring our camera. But, I can tell you we were jumping up and down and dancing, some friends took pictures of us with our pumpkin, so as soon as they send us the prints I will post them…

The First Pumpkin of the Season

Gnome and PumpkinFoxy went to visit the little gnomes in the valley today and picked a gorgeous pumpkin for me from their patch!

Gnome and Foxy with Pumpkin

I just love it, it is sitting on our front porch now, right next to a huge pot of rust colored mums.

Fall happiness, is a bright orange pumpkin!


Foxy’s first thought when he spied the chicken coop was dinner. But then
he remembered that chickens are friends. So instead he pulled out his
camera and snapped a few delightful photos of the lovely hens and

Checking out the Chickens

(This post was written by Mr. Michie, because he was the one who took a stroll with Foxy around the chicken coop in Suffolk, GiGi and I stayed inside and read our books)

Greetings From the Road

greetings-from-pittsburgh-pennsylvaniaI have been doing a little travelling on my own at the moment. One of the places I ended up going to, is a personal favourite of mine: Pittsburgh, PA.

Soergel FarmsI checked in on some family I have there, went to Soergel’s Farm one of my most cherished places to go and see. I am a farm girl myself and I feel it is truly important to support your local farmers. Eat with each harvest and taste the best of the season. I drank some apple cider, picked up a pie from their bakery counter and had my picture taken on the wheel of an old Amish buggy.

GiGi WagonWheelIt was pretty hot while I was there visiting and one night after dinner we headed out for a drive and ended up going to Dairy Queen. There is nothing better than a Dairy Queen dipped cone. I prefer getting mine in a cup, that way you get more “dip”. I decided to get the cherry flavour, it matched my apron and is one of my favourites! It was delicious and definitely cooled me down.

GiGi at the Dairy QueenI also had the chance to do a little antiquing. I went to a store that I had been dying to visit and boy, did I have fun! I must have spent 3 hours in there wandering around. I came back with a few surprises, one in particular! I think she will fit right in to our little home. I will be introducing you soon, but at the moment, she is getting over her jet lag…